Hi, I’m an alcoholic and drug addict named Stephan. In July 2012 I made the life-changing decision to take my last drink and stop using drugs. I knew my life just wasn’t working anymore. Ten years of this exorbitant and soul-crushing lifestyle had made things unbearable for me. I felt suicidal: too scared to die, but also in too much agony to live. I stood at the turning point and realized I was powerless. I also knew I couldn’t do this alone without God. So, I asked for His help and braced myself for change.

I stumbled into the rooms of 12-step programs where I was presented with a plan of action and a foreign way of life. Slowly but surely, I was granted access to a life much different than the one I was used to. It was the solution I was looking for. It even came with an army of friends in the fellowship, brand new self confidence and a trusting, loving relationship with God that was beyond my wildest dreams. I knew I was here to stay; and I quickly knew I wanted to help others stay too.

It didn’t take long for me to think of recovery based slogans and stick them on t-shirts, hats and other apparel. I wanted the people around me to know it didn’t matter where you came from, who you were or how far down the scale you had gone, recovery was for everyone. At first, I was making the shirts for myself to rock because they showed people my personality, but the more shirts I wore, the more people smiled and asked where they could get one. That was just the beginning.

Stephan T | Sober State of Mind

About Us

Sober State of Mind

Sober state of mind is an apparel company that produces urban clothing for sober people from all walks of life that want to celebrate the transition from a hopeless state of mind to a sober state of mind. After everything you went through to get here, don’t you want to celebrate this victory? Your sobriety is helping you become who you really are, so you should be proud and show the world that too.